Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This week, The Nerdy Thursday Variety Show is "Going Green"!


Hello environmentally-conscious consumers,

This week, The Nerdy Thursday Variety Show is "going green"! What does "going green" mean? It means lots of things to different people.

If you are a baller, it means making lots of money.

If you are an oil company, it means fooling the public into thinking you care about the environment. This is called "greenwashing."

If you are an ordinary citizen, it means changing your consumption habits and living more sustainably.

This week, we will explore the idea of "going green."

Let's enter the wilderness!

There will be comedy, music, powerpoint presentations, a quiz, and more!

Featuring performances and presentations by: Jesse La Tour, Brian Lucett, Andy Anderson, William Zdan, Tracey Taylor, Joey Winter, and more...

See you there!


The Nerdy Thursday Variety Show

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